The heat of Puglia

the welcoming melphicta

Molfetta is one of the major port cities of the Adriatic, an active commercial center for agricultural products from rural areas and for the fish ones, home of various shipyards and important seaside resort. A territory rich in history that consists of the old center which is located on a promontory on the harbor, around which the city life develops. The deep blue sea, the unspoilt coastline and the endless countryside are just some of its natural beauty.

the imperial puglia

Despite more than eight hundred years have passed, Puglia beloved by Frederick II continues to fascinate. The Federicians lands with their stunning landscapes, the sea and the delicious food and wine constitute now the tourist district of Puglia Imperiale, a paradise for relaxation, natural beauty and architecture lovers. Castles, cathedrals and natural oases allow to go on a unique journey, an immersion in medieval history full of events and extraordinary characters.

get marred in puglia

A hospitable land as Puglia offers the best for those who want to organize their wedding enjoying natural scenery and savoring special foods. Puglia is not only a trend, it dictates the trends in terms of wedding and conquers the hearts of lovers with its original and inimitable features, made of natural charm and sophistication. Puglia is a timeless land and this is the reason why it is beautiful all year round , because it shows its charm in different perspectives depending on the season.


The fragrance of the Apulian cuisine is released from all delicate dishes of Villa Corte degli Aranci. A philosophy of eating well that belongs to the heritage of Mediterranean cuisine made of genuine flavors and local produce revisited in modern key. Our chefs prepare everything at the moment and make great use of imagination to create signature dishes. This exclusive essence pervades the receptions even through the sparkling bubbles of the local wines and cocktails served at the American bar.